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Plead Your Case cover final.cdr
Plead Your Case cover final.cdr

Plead Your Case – Book Reviews

My first encounter with Mirriam was at a Women’s Day event and I was so blessed by what she shared. It was at this event that I also received her book God’s Unfailing Love. Like her first book, Plead Your Case communicates biblical principles that help to equip the body of Christ.  This book is proof that it is only God’s energizing presence that can harness personal experience, spiritual gifts and writing style to produce a tool that can help people live the full and purpose filled life that God intended for them. This work also exhibits how God develops a person’s capacity to take their personal challenges and to use these as stepping stones that catapult them into their purpose.


Plead Your Case delivers key principles on the believers’ rights in the kingdom of God. This book has been birthed from Mirriam’s personal experiences and she unselfishly shares these spiritual truths with others, in the earnest hope that they too will be delivered and set free. This work was conceived in the depths and darkness of her despair, when she found her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This book is her, “shouting from the mountain top” to tell the whole world that Jesus is our hope in glory and only He can set us free.


Mirriam has set forth principles of faith in an easily understandable way that shows the reader how to apply them in their lives. The simplicity of her writing style makes it an easy read yet masts it profound message. This book is a testimony to the greatest truth, when Christ said, It is finished”.


As I read through the pages of this book I too was able to relate to the pertinent issues that she covers. I was raised in a Hindu home and the themes of generational curses and soul ties resonated with me. From out thirty odd years in ministry, Bishop Lazarus and I have seen so many children of God fall prey to the wiles of the enemy. The word says that, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. This book opens the eyes of the readers to these strategies in a refreshing way that allows the central message to be easily understood and absorbed.


Mirriam writes from a position of power as she has been through these experiences and has been able to conquer them. A medical doctor knows all there is to know about the diseases they deal with, yet this knowledge does not deter them from working with patients and helping them to overcome the effects of contracting these illnesses. This knowledge has given them power over these diseases and illnesses. But the true essence of the power lies in their application of this knowledge to make them effectually powerful in eradicating its effects.  This book seeks to cause the same effect. The revelation of personal experiences and encounters is the seed that she is sowing into the lives of believers. This is done to expose the works of the enemy and to provide feasible and practical solutions on how to handle such challenges through the effective use and application of the word of God. She wants believers to have a level of knowledge and application thereof to make them effective and powerful against the enemy. In this book Mirriam strips the enemy and lays him bear for the body of Christ to see him for what he truly is but more importantly for us to know our God and his sovereign power. The word says that those who know their God shall do great exploits. Mirriam has experienced the power of God in her life and she wants to share this and empower you.

May each reader find the freedom they deserve through the application of the spiritual principles found in this book.

Neela Lazarus, First Lady

Siloam Ministries International


We all pass through life impacting things. In this book of Pastor Mirriam Mashego you will be inspired, motivated and challenged about the love and mercy of God beyond measure. If God can transform one’s life, He can do it also in mine. Plead Your Case! It’s a must for everyone. Read it!

Isaac Sebolai, Senior Founder Pastor

Saints of Service Church, Katlehong


Almighty God, in His sovereign and manifold wisdom has handpicked Pastor Mirriam Mashego to dissect the attacks of the devil in the lives of the children of God. Pastor Mashego uncompromisingly discusses real and honest situation out of her own life as she allows the Holy Spirit to lay her openly and bear on the pages of this book. The research and experiences displayed here is evidence of how concern God is about His children living fear free lives. The anointing of God unfolds as you go along and apply the strategies of the Kingdom of God found in this master piece, so you can become all that God has called you to be.

Ayoob Toffie

BA Theology


Without the timeless Word of God as our guide, our beliefs are in danger of suffering serious oxygen deprivation. This book offers insight and influx of fresh air, leading both young and old Christians into deeper understanding of the Word of God. It is a

must for every believer to read this book for the enrichment and enlightment of the soul. Plead Your Case! Before our great advocate, Jesus the Righteous.

Pastor / Prof. Solomon Mlambo

Founder & Director of Mt. Zion Bible School

International &Senior Pastor – A.F.M. Church (Mt. Gerizim)

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